The Playhouse Theatre is one of the more intimate theatres on the West End, with a capacity of 786 split across three levels – the Stalls, Dress Circle and Upper Circle. Due to the size of the auditorium, good views of the stage can be found throughout the theatre. Rebuilt in 1907, the Playhouse Theatre has some restrictions, such as the Dress and Upper Circle overhangs which might make finding the perfect seat a bit trickier.


The Stalls are located on the ground floor and can be accessed via a few steps up from the main foyer. Closest to the stage, the Stalls offer great views throughout, even towards the rear of the seating. From Row L and back, the top half of the stage can be cut off due to the Dress Circle overhang, but depending on the production, these can be great bargain seats. Sitting in the mid-front of the Stalls will offer the best views of the entire stage, as well as the most comfort and legroom. Legroom towards the rear of the seating does become more restricted, but unfortunately this cannot usually be avoided, due to the lack of central aisle.

Dress Circle

Situated above the Stalls, the Dress Circle afford good views at a slightly cheaper price, particularly towards the rear of the section. Those who like to take in the whole production should sit here, as it offers a good view of the whole stage, especially for productions with a lot of choreography. Split into three sections, the best views can be found in the centre, with some seats towards the ends of rows limited in both view and legroom. Seats in Rows D and E can be slightly blocked by safety rails, however the overall views of the stage are excellent.

Upper Circle

Upper Circle seats are the cheapest and can often be good for those looking to watch a production on a budget. Sit in the first few rows for a relatively unrestricted view of the whole stage, for a slightly cheaper price than premium. The overall stage can be seen from the rear of the Upper Circle, however it can seem quite distant from the action on stage.

Share Your Seating Tips

Have you visited the Playhouse Theatre recently? Where did you sit? Was your view restricted or did you have an excellent seat right in front of the stage? Did you seat have a surprisingly large amount of leg room? Please add your comments below and share your Playhouse Theatre seating tips!

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